To Giclee or Not to Giclee?

by Amy Carstensen in

I often am asked what is a Giclee.

A Giclee (zhee – CLAY) is a high-end reproduction of an original piece of art.  It is superior to other reproduction methods because it is printed on fine archival paper and preserves the intensity and depth of the original colors.  It also requires specialty equipment to photograph and produce a giclee, which means it is not a simple or inexpensive process.  However, a glclee reproduction can be purchased for substantially less than an original oil.

For all of my career, I have sold only original works.  However, not everybody can afford originals.  Even more so in this economy.  Some artists snub giclees as not rising to the level of “real” art -- and quality certainly varies among giclees.  As an artist, I want art to be accessible to everybody.  But at the same time, I want clients to feel comforted that their purchase will not devalued by multiple reproductions.  It is this tension among quality and affordability and, most of all, integrity that has informed by decision.

Each of my pieces will be one-of-a-kind, original works of art.  I will continue to offer smaller, entry-level price points for those not ready to purchase larger pieces.  But I won't be foraying into the giclee market.  I feel that is most fair to those who have purchased my original works of art, and since they are supporting me, it is important that I support them, too.